ProcureSafe has developed a patent-pending online supplier management tool called myGateKeeper®.  Built on the Force.com cloud platform, myGateKeeper® is a subscription-based cloud application designed to help mid-market companies manage supplier and vendor intelligence.  

“More than ever, businesses are inundated with hundreds of unsolicited sales calls which they attempt to manage, along with information on their existing suppliers,” says Bill Fuller, ProcureSafe president.  “Large businesses are spending millions of dollars to implement companywide systems that automate supplier intelligence and organize information to help their buyers make smarter buying decisions, faster.”  

ProcureSafe’s myGateKeeper® targets the underserved mid-level company market by providing a subscription-based supplier intelligence system.  The system automates, manages and organizes the data from new and existing suppliers.   myGateKeeper® also establishes a supplier protocol similar to the Fortune 1000 companies that require suppliers to register their businesses before being considered for future opportunities.  The process saves subscribers valuable time and money.

ProcureSafe is Bringing Buyers and Suppliers Together.