Many people who visit japan are deeply moved with its delicate, fresh nature and sense of hospitality of Japanese people. The more they get to know about Japan, the more they are fascinated with the transient sceneries and atmosphere when seasons turn.

As for seasons, it is usually divided into four, such as spring, summer, autumn and winter. However, here in Japan, we have 24 seasonal divisions a year. Furthermore, we are ordinarily conscious of as many as 72 divisions which are based on the workings of nature and animals all year long.

These sensitivity for seasons have had a profound influence on people and culture in Japan. Since ancient times, Japanese people have believed that sacred spirits reside in everything in nature and expressed the “feeling” into arts such as poems, drawings, court music and noh plays. Japan’s distinct nature surroundings have been a breeding ground for a worldly-known word “mottainai”, a clear expression for treating an object as something important, as well as Japanese people’s thoughtful consideration for others and traditional crafts neatly created by skillful artisans.

We, Product of Japan, would like to introduce traditional handicrafts which Japan’s unique surroundings have natured and hope that people around the world touch the spirit of Japan and take them into their day-to-day lives. The crafts which Product of Japan dealing are not only pursuit of traditional techniques but also imbuing modern sense to make them globally accepted as a fruit of Japan’s unique culture. Bowls and textiles are excellent in artistic quality as well as high practicality and durability for long-term uses. It would be a great joy for us if the essence of Japanese culture bring some delight in your life!