Why PR?

The vast majority of business leaders are so busy doing what they do just to keep their business heading in the right direstion that they have little time left over for important things like working on the business. Yet they still have important tasks to do to let the market know they exist and why they should do business with them. To be more precise, they need to communicate with their target market. But it doesn’t end there; they need to communicate with all their ‘publics’, external as well as internal.

This is a vital task that is on-going.

In order to continue helping business leaders grow their bottom line by allowing them to concentrate on what they do best, we at the Profit Generator specialise in providing AFFORDABLE public relations services. And we really do mean affordable. From now on, there is simply no excuse for not being able to raise your profile, get your message effectively to your various publics and let the market know why they should be doing business with you. We have a small team of professionals who do whatever it takes to meet your PR objectives and we have had some spectacular successes to date.

Our focus

We specialise in the franchise industry, sport, finance and general business. We also provide publicity for authors.

Our no-nonsense approach is based on the fact that we are also experienced business owners, having own and run a variety of businesses over the years such as a boutique consultancy, a health and fitness gym, a freelance journalism agency, an international franchise, a ghost writing business and a public relations business.

We understand the needs of business owners as well as franchisees and franchisors.

Our work within the franchise industry ranges from writing franchise manuals, systems, brochures and documents to media releases, training sessions, workshops and web pages.  We also have extensive experience arranging publicity for individual franchisees to raise their profiles in their local communities by using a wide range of tools and techniques. Our work with franchisors is usually aimed at raising their profiles in the industry through exposure on national television and trade publications with a view to attracting prospective franchisees as well as encouraging existing franchisees by growing the image of the brand.

Your options

We offer two basic options – a monthly retainer or a casual rate.

Most clients choose the monthly retainer option because they are after a longer-term relationship. They understand that to achieve results requires a sustained effort. This option is tailored for those managers who want to employ expertise on an on-going basis to meet long-term needs.

Our casual rates suit those clients who have specific short-term needs. It allows them to leverage their time and reach by utilising our expertise to generate publicity or awareness for new product launches, expansions or events.

First steps ...

Before you do anything else, speak to us. It may turn out to be one of the best things you'll do all year.


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