Prognosys Marcom Services is a boutique consultancy started in 1999, and is involved in providing services in Marketing and Communications.  
Through our services, we take a 7C approach –
1.     CONTENT (Messages that a company conveys),
2.     CREATIVES (Graphic designs, Brands Management, Identity),
3.     COLLATERALS (Printing marketing support material,
4.     CONNECT (Internet, Digital, Telecom),
5.     COACHING (Training, Seminars, Workshops),
6.     CONVERSATIONS (Engagement, Experiential Marketing, Below The Line, Promotions),
7.     CAMPAIGN (Public Relations, Advertising, Direct Marketing, Market Research, Internet)

We are engaged in research, analysis, strategy formulation, publicity, and promotions, and have linkages across specialists in the field of marketing and communications, wherein we could identify your requirement and recommend the use of cost effective resources and apt promotional tool for achieving the goals.

The tool combination varies, depending upon the target market, message, and purpose of the campaign.