Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Program - HR 3648
The federal government enacted H.R. 3648, the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act, to help stem the tide of foreclosures by removing the tax burden resulting from debt reduced through mortgage restructuring, as well as mortgage debt forgiven in connection with short sales. H.R. 3648 has been extended through 2012 under The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, H.R. 1424. The Obama Administration has continued to pursue the foreclosure problem with the Financial Stability Plan that helps homeowners and lenders find solutions and alternatives to foreclosure.

Program 3648 is a privately sponsored nation-wide initiative to reach out to homeowners who are struggling with their mortgage payments and provide them with the information, guidance, and actual work that is required to avoid foreclosure. Certified Program 3648 Specialists volunteer their time to assist as many homeowners as possible and all services provided by Program 3648 are always free for every homeowner.

Our website, www.Program3648.org, provides you with the information, tools, and resources you need to understand the programs and options that are available to you. You can also link-up with a local Certified Program 3648 Specialist that can discuss your specific situation and work directly with your mortgage company, on their behalf, at no charge.

Our mission at Program 3648 is to help millions of homeowners avoid foreclosure and take advantage of the programs that have been instituted to help them. We realize that the only way that we can accomplish this goal, is though a ground army of volunteers that are willing to go directly to homes, hold homeowners hands, and walk them through the process of working with their lender, and proactively remedying the mortgage problem.