Progressive Medical Center’s mission is to improve your health by identifying and curing the root causes of your chronic illnesses. To do this, we integrate the best practices of conventional and alternative medicine, right here in Atlanta. Our physicians are extensively trained and experienced in conventional practices as well as complementary treatments that work collectively to relieve patients from chronic illness and promote a life of health and longevity.

Progressive Medical Center brings together the best of complementary, conventional (modern), and natural medicine—Progressive is integrative medicine at its finest. Where conventional (modern) medicine often focuses on treating the symptoms of a disease, Progressive believes that best results are achieved when we listen to the message that the body is trying to relay with symptoms and respond accordingly. Conventional Western Medicine is superior in situations that call for trauma intervention, surgery or antibiotic therapy for acute infection, but chronic diseases and conditions are not easily treated by the same system. Alternative and holistic medicine however, has consistently proven beneficial. For over ten years, Progressive Medical Center has been successfully identifying and treating the core causes of chronic illness and pain.

Once the root causes of imbalances and deficiencies are clear, our experienced team of medical professionals works together to design an integrative course of action that will eliminate the negative elements that are inhibiting your body’s natural healing process. Some of the scientifically-backed, holistic, integrative therapies that we regularly employ are: chiropractic, nutritional counseling, exercise, supplementation, intravenous therapies, oxygen therapies, acupuncture, detoxification and more.