Project Papillon offers a range of unique products, each with its own history. A story and heritage you join by using Project Papillon creations.

Initiated on 19th of August 2009 in Finland, this distinctive lifestyle brand evolved through an unorthodox collaboration with correctional institution. Project Papillon's whole line has been created while offering inmates meaningful work on the road to rehabilitation. Inmates participate by providing inspiration or actual creative input, which Project Papillon's team of professional fashion and graphic designers adapt and develop. Inmates and prisons are also involved in the manufacturing of the final products.

Project Papillon's products are timeless classics with a modern twist. Each is backed by a genuine story, which gives it character beyond a regular piece of clothing. This substance also gives Project Papillon's brand long-lasting quality – fashion items that grow stronger with time instead of fading out of style.

Project Papillon is a Finnish fashion label on a mission of rehabilitation.