Started in 1993, Project Remedies Inc. (PRI) is a technology innovator and services company focused on the Remedy AR System.

Our flagship application, ActionProgram Manager Plus™ (APM Plus), is the “Swiss Army Knife” of Remedy-based Project Portfolio, Project Lifecycle, Resources, Risk and “Granular Cost Management” functionality. APM Plus provides real-time & Remedy-based Integrated IT Process and Life-Cycle Management System that Includes:  

-Process Management            
-Project Management            
-Program Management        
-Portfolio Management      
-Cost Management
-Risk Management
-Resource Management

When integrated with your existing Remedy applications, this is actually the easiest, fastest and least expensive way to get to an Integrated Project, Demand, Cost, & Resource Management System

Cyber Action Suite ™, (CAS) which integrates with the Remedy Asset Management application, tracks cyber incidents and manages people, their technology, their credentials and all cyber remediation activities. CAS manages responses to cyber incidents and events, and then the activities that need to be performed as a result of the incident or event.  If an asset is involved, the asset record in Remedy Asset Management can be updated from Cyber Manager or ActionProgram Manager.  CAS aggregates, prioritizes, builds mini project plans for each remediation task/project, tasks the IT specialists making the fix, statuses all these tasks/projects into one location, and near real-time performance metrics.  This data can be integrated into the organization’s financial reporting system so Cyber Remediation effort’s costs can be managed and cost-justified which is critical in today’s budget constraints. This is the same critical functionality needed for managing BYOD.

All of our applications are developed in the US by US citizens. We hold Facility Clearance at the TS level.

Integrate all your project portfolio management applications into your existing Remedy System and save real money, time and headaches on implementation and operations. Check our 16 Use Cases for APM Plus on our web site www.projectremedies.com/ usecases or call Stan Feinstein at 310-230-1722 with questions or to schedule a web demo.