Founded in May of 2010, Prolific Methods is a mobile application development company devoted to solving real-world problems through innovation and creativity.  They have goals of becoming more heavily involved in all areas of technology including both hardware and software as they learn and progress.

In September of 2010, Prolific Methods released their first mobile app called Pitch Gauge. Since then, Pitch Gauge has grown to become one of the most downloaded and used mobile applications in the roofing industry.

“Accurate Roofing Estimates – Without Climbing the Roof”

Pitch Gauge is an app for smartphones and tablets that enables users to provide accurate roofing estimates from the safety of the ground. Users can utilize the built-in pitch gauge and square calculator to find the total number of squares quickly and safely. We look to simplify roofing estimates for our users while also decreasing the amount of time spent on the roof.