Promise Spa is a wellness based business on St. Augustine Beach in Northern Florida, and is owned and operated by a 25 year veteran of holistic therapy.  The unique aspect of this service is in orienting treatments to fit the healing and wellness goals of the client.  A thorough consultation is made with the client prior to each session. Extensively trained therapists help the client move beyond their limitations to create an awareness of pure potential and lasting healing.

Their five-star services include several types of massage and skincare, utilizing products created in America for both massage and cosmecutical use.   The spa offers world class therapeutic deep tissue massage, or structural integration, which addresses the constrictions in the muscle body by releasing muscle tightness, congestion and adhesion.  Also available is relaxing Swedish massage, Pregnancy Massage and Cranio-Sacral therapy, and other energetic healing arts massage modalities.  

Extensively trained skincare specialists offer instruction in gentle yet effective skin care.   Additional time and attention is spent on creating a “neutral palate” for the skin in order to obtain the greatest benefit from the application of quality products.

The unique nature of this spa is in its holistic roots.  The business is based on simple spiritual concepts which go far to help clients experience feeling completely cared for and pampered.  The menu offers natural remedies for detoxification and cleansing, while meditation classes offered through the spa also help to reconnect clients to themselves.

Given that the spa is located in one of the largest wedding venues in the Southeast, also on the menu are Special Event hair and makeup services and personalized wedding officiant services.