Proteams is a marketplace connecting European clients with digital professionals in Europe. The members are either independent professionals or teams and are selected based on certain criteria, such as high-quality, service, experience, specific technical/creative skills as well as a competitive pricing model.

The portal was launched in February 2017, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and have already registered the first clients acquiring solutions through collaboration with independent professionals and teams within digital services.

We anticipate the future requirements of world business by discovering the greater potential of freelancing and outsourcing. By launching this digital services marketplace, we aim to:

> deliver great solutions for clients through our professional members all over Europe
> become the most trusted and respected digital services platform for digital remote work
> engage regional members that deliver high quality in a timely and price competitive fashion
> boost use of freelancing and outsourcing by allowing professionals to bid for new projects.

Proteams match clients with talented professionals and facilitate sustainable working relationships locally, and will be advancing the business model targeting Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, France and Spain.

Learn more on proteams.net