Our Mission:
Develop and provide services to improve protection of companion animals (specifically but not exclusively canines), help elevate their well-being and status in society, and increase lifesaving without the use of coercion, force, fear, or pain-leveraging methods and tools.

PTA’s public awareness & education programs seek to decrease abuse, harm, abandonment, and neglect and increase care, safety, and well-being.

Our Perspective:
We view “rescue” as a principle that guides myriad practices leading to safe, well, and happy animals. Protect Them All therefore offers a variety of programs aimed at lifesaving via the protection of companion animals, education of their humans, and elevation of their societal status. Each of our projects is one star in a constellation of humane, anti-aversives education, training, and emotional/behavioral literacy programs for companion canines and their humans. Through these, we work toward a day when the revolving doors of suffering and surrender are replaced with completely capable forever homes.

Protect Them All is a 501(c)3 non-profit, charity organization.