Protecting Tomorrow is a national nonprofit, geared towards raising funds to improve school safety and security. Our mission is to improve communication with first responders, increase situational awareness – providing real time data to first responders, and provide strong cyber security in schools across the nation.

Protecting Tomorrow has a critical national objective of making schools safer and a more effective place for our children to learn. There are three key aspects to achieving that goal:

First, we plan to improve communications with first responders. We’re working with key innovators who are making emergency buttons for every adult staff member on campus, for child critical events, that directly alert local first responders – police, fire, and medical. When something life threatening is happening at school, we absolutely need to ensure that help is there as soon as possible. Every moment saved, is a life potentially saved. Running to a phone, isn’t always an option in an unfolding emergency. Now, teachers and staff can push a button to alert first responders, and then immediately tend to helping protect the children in danger.

Secondly, we want to make school administrators and first responders more aware of what’s going on at schools by providing video analysis, audio analysis, buying metal detectors, and advanced analytics like facial recognition software. Someone should know if a registered sex offender walks around a school or into a school building. We can flag unauthorized individuals at schools. If there is a situation developing on campus, with a shooter, we can provide first responders with real time information of precise location of the individual, making rescue efforts much more effective.

Third, children are NOT safe online. Cyber bullying is one of the greatest issues facing our children in middle to upper grades right now. Unfortunately, victims of these attacks, don’t always know how to handle the emotions that result from this vicious behavior, and sometimes feel so desperate, they take their lives. When the whole school knows your business, whether it’s true or not, it can become too much for some young people to deal with. You can’t un-do suicide. Additionally, child identity theft is on a dramatic rise right now. Kids easily give up information to “friends” online. That’s why kids are such easy targets for identity thieves. We’re working with intelligent computer individuals that know how to isolate and protect kids from dangerous people on the internet.

Schools should be safer places both physically and online for our children. Protecting Tomorrow strives to achieve just that – because our kids are worth it.