Protegga has been aiding attorneys, individuals, and corporations involved in Civil Litigation, Family Law, Corporate Bankruptcy, Employment Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, and more since 2003. Protegga proudly serves Texas and the United States from our North Texas office in Plano (a suburb of Dallas). In addition to the courts listed below, Protegga has served as Computer Experts in State and Federal courts in Texas, Utah, California, New York, Florida, Oklahoma, and others.

Where Have Protegga Experts Worked?

   * Dallas County: Dallas, Texas
   * Harris County: Houston, Texas
   * Tarrant County: Fort Worth, Texas
   * Collin County: McKinney, Texas
   * Galveston County: Galveston, Texas
   * El Paso County: El Paso, Texas
   * Rockwall County: Rockwall, Texas
   * Denton County: Denton, Texas
   * Bexar County: San Antonio, Texas
   * Travis County: Austin, Texas

Protegga has consistently produced the most accurate results for our clients by utilizing a precise, methodical, and impartial approach. Providing accurate and timely information allows our clients to factually substantiate their claims regardless of the type of case. Utilizing state-of-the-art computer forensic, e-discovery, and data recovery tools, years of investigative and technology experience, and precise methodologies and procedures, Protegga computer forensic experts collect, preserve, extract, analyze, decipher, document and present all forms of digital evidence.