ProtoLab LLC, funded in Shanghai China, is a design and manufacturing aimed company.

ProtoLab LLC specializes in designing and manufacturing health care products. Water beads hot cold pack, gel magic hand warmers, dental hot cold packs etc. Different from traditional Chinese factory that manufacture these products, ProtoLab LLC also provide design support. They give their clients professional suggestions based on their expertise. Before being proceeded to sampling, prototype will be inspected and revised by ProtoLab technical personnel.

We have wide product range from camping ice packs to shoulder warmers. Our product range can only be limited by your imagination. If you have a great idea for a product prototype, do not hesitate to let us know, we will try our best to help you out.

campingseafoodsore neckice pack on legpromotional heat pack

Flexibility makes ProtoLab stand out. Whatever your firms sizes is, ProtoLab supports you well. ProtoLab is a trusted business alliance. It has 7 factories, each has different production capacity. After your prototypes or samples are confirmed, your order will be matched with one of the factories depending on your order quantity.

ProtoLab LLC is a highly efficient company. With their collaboration, your project will be finished in very short time. From prototype or sample making, mass production to merchandise delivery, every single procedure will be finished with high quality and efficiency.

Ideas, small or big, supported by ProtoLab!