MnS Fuel is a full service oil company - owned and operated by family.
Our family has been providing service and savings to the community for over 30 years, and we continue to grow and expand due to our high levels of customer satisfaction. The most valued word in our vocabulary is "Trust".  Our company is still expanding due to our exceptional service and "word of mouth" from existing customers.  Our experience and expertise can help you get the job you need done as quick and professionally as possible within all aspects of your home heating oil system.  

Our mission is to become the leader in providing our customers with the best products available on the market today to ensure their systems are running as safe, efficient, and clean as possible along with providing the best prices available.  Along with our premium products, we strive to satisfy every customer with the highest level of customer service and care.  ProtoStar has a motto, "Treat our customers as you would expect to be treated!" This ensures our employees understand the value of customer care.  With these goals in place we are confident our customers hold us to the highest levels of satisfaction and continue to do business with our company for many years to come, and of course giving us recommendations along the way.

We are the first company on Long Island to sell B20-BIOHEAT powered by PROTOSTAR 3-LP.  ProtoStar 3-LP is a proprietary fuel conditioner that constantly cares for your heating system by making sure your fuel delivers optimum efficiency.  Cleaner fuel, better storage integrity, and improved component protection all make a world of difference in the operation of heating equipment.  Just like you, your home heating oil system will perform better and last longer when properly cared for.  BioHeat enhances and extends equipment life.  Biodiesel is entirely made in the USA therefore creates American jobs.  Bioheat burns cleaner than Natural Gas. Your existing burner needs no modifications or retrofitting to utilize our B20 BioHeat powered by ProtoStar 3-LP.  

Also, for the next 5 years, users of B20 will get a 20 cent per gallon credit from NYS for every gallon of B20 they purchase. Just fill out the IT-241 form with your yearly tax forms and you will receive either a credit or a refund from NYS.  Gov. Coumo just signed the extension bill for the next 5 years.  

We plan to educate our customer to rethink the way we burn fuel and we plan to get the word out "one community at a time".  Once you use PROTOSTAR as your fuel supplier, you will be convenienced that there is no other oil company that has its customer’s best interest at heart.  Our one step above and beyond approach to business will ultimately raise ProtoStar to the highest level of professionalism.

We can help any customer with any energy need.  We supply and service: heating oil powered by ProtoStar 3-LP, natural gas, electricity, diesel fuel, service contracts, and 24/7 repairs and service!

Fast Response Time
Same day Emergency Deliveries
Emergency Service 24/7, 365 days a year
Heating System upgrades - installation and upgrades
C.O.D. deliveries
Annual Burner Tune Ups
Automatic Deliveries
"Automatic -Will Call" Deliveries
Tank Replacements and Installations
Budget Plans
We accept all major credit cards
Checks from long time customers
Government and private assistance programs
Lower Electric Rates
Lower Natural Gas Bills (up to 2 year lock in rates for gas and electric commercial only)
Quality, Service, Respect and Trust.  

Our Customers Don't have to Call us...They Want to!!

In today's hard economic times:

Who Does Not Want Free Money?

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