Proven has become a leader in the promotional events industry because of our commitment to integrity, innovation, and quality service. Our highly-trained team of brand specialists plans, designs, and executes captivating promotional outreach programs that quickly generate results with a high return on investments. This is all done so that clients can focus on their core business, allowing them to thrive.

We are dedicated to developing the best marketing executives who are equipped with the skills and knowledge to make each client promotion a success. Our insightful training program empowers our professionals and allows them the creative freedom and support they need to create consumer events that will rapidly grow brand awareness.

Proven specializes in consumer engagement and retention through the use of dynamic, interactive campaigns. We understand that in today’s marketing world, indirect methods such as television and radio ads have limited success. This is because they are too impersonal, creating a gap between clients and their customers. To bridge this gap, we have developed a system of innovative promotions based on meticulous research and demographic analysis. The result is a targeted, personalized approach that gets results every time. When businesses partner with Proven, we guarantee that they will see increased revenue, a higher return on their investment, and a stronger customer network.

Proven was founded to be a company that takes a different approach to connecting businesses and clients. By combining cutting-edge marketing methods with strong morals and values, we have emerged as an industry leader in the promotional events industry. Our commitment to integrity, teamwork, and innovation has led us to significant success and has allowed us to work with a wide variety of clients. We are a company that stands by our work, and we take great pride in finding exciting new ways to engage consumers. At Proven, our dedication and creativity have produced universal success for our clients, their customers, and ourselves.