International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology, Inc., (ICSPP) is a nonprofit 501(C3) corporation.

ICSPP is a research and educational network devoted to educating professionals and the public concerning the impact of mental health theories on public policy and the effects of therapeutic practices upon individual well-being, personal freedom, and family and community values.

ICSPP's website www.icspp.org has been reassigned to www.icspponline.org.

ICSPP holds an annual conference concerned focusing on safe, effective, nonmedication approaches to treating symptoms commonly labeled as mental illness.

ICSPP's diverse membership includes: mental health professionals, integrative psychiatrists, psychologists of all disciplines, social workers, counselors, complimentary practitioners, holistic practitioners, educators, attorneys, parent rights groups, pet therapists, physical therapists, art therapists, musicians, artists, journalists, authors, photographers, mental health recovery patients, and lay people from around the world.

www.icspponline.org offers website visitors: critical information and research on medications/psychotropic drugs, Mental Health Continuing Education information, support for symptoms of mental illness, legal referals for issues related to mental health and parent rights, ICSPP past newsletters,  as well links to related websites and places to get help.

www.icspponline.org offers a free email discussion group.  ICSPP also has a Facebook Fan Page and provides information on events sponsored by ICSPP members/organizations in affiliation with ICSPP, such as PsychRights.org and MindFreedom.org.

www.icspponline.org supports members who have written books available through Amazon.com and has established the ICSPP Amazon Bookstore.  Purchases made through the ICSPP Amazon Bookstore help support ICSPP.

ICSPP offers membership to all individuals and is considerate of hardships.

ICSPP is completely independent and funding consists solely of individual membership dues.  

To become a member of ICSPP go to www.icspponline.org.

ICSPP has no political or religious affiliations.