Polymer Valley Media Corporation is a creative media and research services company representing a six-county regional zone in Northeast Ohio, USA known locally as "Polymer Valley".

Our flagship (physical) media property is the Lowell S.V. Devin Collection of new American fine art, the largest privately-owned single-artist collection of its kind in the world. Highlights from this collection are are currently commercially posted at http://www.BestPosterArt.com as "The Single-Artist Collection with the Single-Highest Acclaim." The Lowell S.V. Devin Collection has been reviewed as "outstanding" by Doug Rowan, Former Pres. & CEO, Corbis Corporation, the largest digital archive in the world.

As such, we are the Master Licensor of the complete collection of drawings and paintings spanning nearly 1,000 original works by Lowell S.V. Devin, and are the only agency offering a Master Image Design Index (MIDI ) system, the most sophisticated creative bridge between showroom design and advanced textile markets available anywhere in the world. (Excerpts shown at URL listed.)

Recently, however, Polymer Valley Media Corporation turned its sights toward an innovative approach to help mitigate the current financial crisis sweeping both America and the European markets through the independent creation and launch of the Public Stimulus Plan brand, July, 2011.

Partnering with First Choice Savings Network, (the most affordable savings network on the Internet) we are able to creatively co-brand an enriched public Membership program with one of the best Referral Marketing compensation plans in the industry today.

Basically, people are encouraged to join FCSN through Public Stimulus Plan ("PSP") and earn money wearing any of our economical (PSP) branded products which help refer others to join, wear and earn money which can optionally apply to direct-discount savings at our Sponsor's site (FCSN) to the greater benefit of all Members.

Finally, the Public Stimulus Plan will be donating an annual percentage of its net profits to the Coalition to Salute America's Hero's, a non-profit organization which helps our severely wounded and disabled Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom veterans and their famiies help rebuild their lives.

Thank you.

David B. Keller
Pres. & Chairman
Founder, Public Stimulus Plan

c/o Polymer Valley Media Corporation
3867 W. Market Street #400
Akron, OH 44333  USA