Founded in 2005 by award-winning hairstylist, Adam Sahagian, Pulse Beauty Academy was developed with the goal to revolutionize the cosmetology education industry. As a successful salon owner, Sahagian discovered that new hires, fresh out of cosmetology school, had to be trained extensively in basic haircutting and hair coloring techniques. In addition, the communication and customer service skills that can make or break ones career, or the success of a salon, were all but non-existent. Sahagian continued to work behind the chair at his salon but began developing a curriculum he could use to train his assistants. He called it an apprentice program and soon, all new hires had to complete the rigorous apprentice training program before they could begin developing their own book of business.
In 2004, as a national educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems, Sahagian was at a training in Miami when he learned that JPMS had partnered with a successful industry motivational speaker and school owner to launch a series of new cosmetology schools - schools that focused on developing the student into a successful hairstylist, one that could develop and sustain a long term career in the multi-billion dollar salon industry. Before long, Sahagian was breaking ground on what would become Pulse Beauty Academy.
Fast forward to 2015 and Pulse has fulfilled its goal of revolutionizing the salon industry. With graduates spread out across the United States in fashion, film, beauty, manufacturing, distribution, and salon ownership, Pulse remains the industries choice for candidates considering a career in the salon industry. Pulse is located in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, and is a Modern Salon Excellence in Education Honoree in Community Involvement and Beauty Changes Lives.