Pure Gravel is powered by passionate cyclists who love gravel riding and everything we do is centered around making life better for gravel cyclists. And we do a lot.

Pure Gravel is a Manufacturer. The old guard of the bike industry is focused on serving their existing niche, and that's fine. Triathletes need companies who will serve their needs. The same goes for speed-freak roadies, big-hit downhillers, and  single speed fanatics. Pure Gravel is one of a new breed of bicycle company that focuses on the unique needs of the gravel cyclist. We are not beholden to any other group or burdened with a legacy infrastructure. The old rules do not apply.

Pure Gravel is a Lifestyle. We are gravel riders and we want to wear gravel gear to show our love of our sport to the world. We think you might want to as well. To this end, Pure Gravel is creating a line of gravel-focused lifestyle products and soft goods. See them in our store.

Pure Gravel is a Media Company. In addition to creating our own products, Pure Gravel scours the earth to find the best products ever made for gravel cyclists. We ride them and review them and tell you about them.

Pure Gravel is a Store. We want the gravel community to have access to the best products no matter who makes them. So in addition to selling our own products, from time to time we partner with other manufacturers to offer their products on our store.

Pure Gravel is an Event Supporter & Promoter. Our mission to serve the gravel cyclist knows no bounds. Pure Gravel delights in supporting gravel rides and events large and small. We have plans to create some special events of our own in 2019. Sign up to our list (in the footer) and we will contact you when we have more to share.

Pure Gravel is a Good Friend. We are not selfish, we want to share. We believe when you win, we win too. Whether you are a rider or a manufacturer or an event promoter, Pure Gravel wants to help you succeed in any way we can. We have a special and potent set of skills. Lets work together.