Purristan is a former nation-state that wisely chose the great Chairman Meow as its leader. There was a time when all cats were feral; but, in time, and with guidance from the Chairman, they learned to borrow humans, who served all their needs. Via this process, and other Great Acts, He led Purristan towards achieving the social, economic, and political utopia that philosophers for centuries have only dreamed of—from Rawls to Rand, Plato to Marx. The perfection of Purristani life was too pristine for the infinite flaws of this world, and so it slipped through a membrane into the perfect utopian dimension. At that time, Chairman Meow's role as the Guiding Light of His people became unnecessary. In His good graces, and in response to Purristani citizens who bounced back and forth between worlds (known in the human world as "domestic" cats), He has returned to this flawed and imperfect world to lead humanity toward utopia, creating a small government, the Temporal Crossover Observer State of Purristan, run out of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to help manage these aims.