Thomas Prevenslik is a retired Mechanical Engineer. He is an American citizen living in Hong Kong and Berlin. He no longer works for an organization and is not affiliated with any specific industry or university, although at times he works as an independent consultant.

     In the US, he worked for Owens-Illinois on optical telescopes and gas bearings associated with the Moon program before joining Westinghouse in research on advanced nuclear reactors. Thereafter, he worked for US companies on an hourly contract basis in the ANSYS analysis of aircraft jet engines and nuclear projects.

     In Tokyo, he worked at Cybernet Systems in the leasing of ANSYS and ABAQUS software by solving problems for Japanese companies, e.g., at Fujikura Ltd. in the ANSYS analysis of polyethylene (PE) in high voltage power cables.

     Over the past 5 years, he developed the physics of QED induced EM radiation. Here QED stands for quantum electrodynamics and EM for electromagnetic.