In 1973 it started in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. From a small radio outpost on the edge of town, down a dirt road, surrounded by corn, and goats, there, arose a radio revolution that is as strong today as it was back then.

The music was fun... we played more current songs than any other station in the country AND we had a great 'oldies' library too. We didn't care if the songs charted, we didn't care if they sold, we only cared if they sounded good.

We played that music for over 100,000 fans in that little tourist town. Every week, after they had gone home with great vacation memories and one of our bumper stickers on their car, we made another 100,000 new friends on the radio.

Back then, they had to wait a whole year to get that magic back after they left the beach, but now the web lets us share it across time and space... This is YOUR music! This is YOUR party! This is YOUR radio station.