QSmash is a British startup of mobile self-checkout technology with particular focus on retailers. New shopping behaviours and fiercely competitive environment exert a considerable pressure on retailers to innovate and come up with smartest of the solutions. We have developed a retail ecosystem, a complete end-to-end solution for best customers’ retail experience. Long queues can be pain staking, tedious and one of the biggest problem brick-and-mortar retailers facing in today’s challenging environment and costing them billions of dollars each year. In today’s digital world we aim to solve this problem from its core and eliminate queues from the retail world and change the customer experience forever! Our platform allows customers to use their smartphones to Scan, Pay and Leave the store without waiting in long queues. Customer can even find and pay for parking, or order drink and food at the favourite Cafés and restaurants. The solution is powered by AI security system which makes it theft-proof solution. The platform is smart and can be customised to the different needs of the retailers.