QTalk Publishing LLC offers the world's only selection of teaching tools and textbooks to support founder Maurice Hazan's revolutionary QTalk® method of language instruction. Enfield, Connecticut based, QTalk Publishing LLC  is a publisher of language instruction products. QTalk Publishing operates an ecommerce website (http://www.QTalkPublishing.com) serving schools, teachers, private tutors, parents and individual language learners worldwide. QTalk products are often purchased as
supplements to existing foreign language curriculum, when oral fluency is a specific goal, especially for younger students or those with reading delays or attention disorders.

A wide range of QTalk products is available at our online store at http://www.QTalkPublishing.com.

This includes QTalk's unique Smartboard lessons - our Digital Language System (DLS) products - and a wide range of classroom games, online games, student textbooks and teaching tools.

Veteran educator, author, visual artist and educational entrepreneur Maurice Hazan founded QTalk Publishing to promote and support the QTalk method, visual cues to think and talk in a new language - with ease! The emerging academic field of Mind, Brain and Education brings together the insights from cognitive research and the day-to-day management of the learning environment.

Maurice Hazan has presented on the topic, "Memory and Language Acquisition: A Scientific Approach to Language Acquisition," at numerous education conferences and seminars including ACTFL, NECTFL, SWCOLT, SCOLT, FLAVA, FLANC, FLENJ, NAIS, and NCLC. He has traveled the world to train teachers on the QTalk® method of language instruction. Today Maurice Hazan is expanding the QTalk® set of teaching tools and testing new curriculum at his Tribeca Language Center in New York City. His earlier company, Symtalk, was sold to EMC Publishers in 2004.

Maurice himself is teaching every day, and he knows from his own experience, and the experience of hundreds of QTalk teachers, that the QTalk® method delivers rapid, cost-effective language acquisition for students of all ages and backgrounds.

The English (ESL) materials are perfect for new immigrants who must develop rapid oral fluency in English. Recent insights from cognitive science prove the effectiveness of visual mnemonics to encode new concepts in memory and enable rapid retrieval. Sports coaches know the power of visualization and neuromuscular rehearsal for top performance on the field of play. Even so, many foreign language publishers continue to promote a grammar/reading approach to language instruction. Even when "spiced up" with multimedia, DVD's, online tools and games, this approach fails to awaken and develop the innate language learning capacity within most students. Most language textbooks and software tools take an academic approach that leaves many students frustrated and unable to express themselves even after spending enormous amounts of time and energy to memorize grammar rules and long lists of vocabulary words.

Applying the latest cognitive neuro-psychological research and his own R&D from the Tribeca Language School, Maurice envisions QTalk Publishing as a resource offered by teachers for teachers to build a world of true language speakers. So many discussions of education focus on technological tools, but Maurice believes that everything begins with the teacher. Using what appear to be very simple graphics, the QTalk® method enables teachers to engage their students with visual "cues" -- deeply intuitive visual mnemonics - to awaken the language learner within every student, and enable them to think and talk in a new language -- with ease.

Much more than a technology platform, the QTalk® product set includes Smartboard lessons with downloadable printable worksheets, online games and assessment tools, colorful magnetic flashcards (Q-Cards) for use with magnetic whiteboards, and a complete series of classroom games, conversation practice tools, Student Workbooks and Teacher Guides, all developed specifically to support the QTalk® language instruction method.

QTalk products are available for Spanish, French, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Arabic, Korean, and English. Several supplements have been created for Italian and German. Hindi and Hebrew curriculum is under development. Additional language products, and customized versions of the standard products, are developed for client organizations on a consulting contract basis.

QTalk Publishing LLC is a sole source provider of its products.