How can work together logistics, blockchain and digital technologies? New service QUASA  launches a model of organizing cargo transportation with simple and clear user interface that takes orders in few clicks! It is unique by its own smart-contract technologies and crypto currency QuasaCoin that helps to protect its users from extra charges and lacks in communications. For the lowest price all possible problems are sorted - with document circulation, possible legal nuances and many other unpredictable surprises.
Why QUASA? With QUASA application customers can calculate shipping costs and choose the best offer in terms of price, quality, speed and place of delivery. It is easy to receive a request for the delivery, to make an offer for the delivery of goods in the exchange of cargo, to select cargo or the cargo carrier, to view the history of the cargo transportation market, to print out the documents or send them by e-mail.
Nowadays the main round of ICO is on fire! That means 1 ETH is equal to 3000 QUA coins with 33,33% bonus! Furthermore it is easy to buy QUA tokens with USD and EUR and any other crypto currency (80+ types of coins are accepted).
QUASA announces partnership with mutchico.com It is easy to register and get 35 CAT tokens for viewing QUASA project information. In the future, you will know about the new bonus tokens that you can accumulate and participate in any ICO.
QUASA – the world of logistics 2.0!