QAYYEM was founded in 2016. The first Qayyem goal is to help people in UAE to know their next destination in few clicks and having a clear image about what they may expect so why do you need to try different businesses in order to choose the best one of them while we can share our opinions or reviews in QAYYEM. The second goal is to help the business owners in advertising for their products, providing statistical reference, and allowing them to show their excellence to the public.

QAYYEM word is an Arabic origin word, which means in English “review” or “rank”.

For the users, QAYYEM is a review-based website and for the business owners, it is an advertisement plan and statistical reference.

In QAYYEM, we believe in teamwork so every registered member is considered to be a member in QAYYEM family. That is why business owners can claim their businesses for free, users can register for free, their friends can also register for free, and even they can submit any business which is missed in QAYYEM for free in order to fill in the blanks which are in QAYYEM family database and this will help you or other family members to better be served in the future.

Disclaimer: qayyem.com only acts as review directory website, all product names, trademarks, service marks, logos, brands, industrial models and designs featured or referred to within this site are the sole property of their respective owners and/or right holders and are only provided for the purpose of this site. qayyem.com acts as independent party and shall not be considered the representative, agent, employee, sponsor, joint venture partner or otherwise of such owners or right holders.

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