QkTip.com Lets Markets Create Their Own News
Social Media Start Up Lets Users Post Market Moving Information Instantly

Washington, DC, September 4, 2012- In light of increasing criminal enforcement of insider trading rules and new disclosure laws for stocks, commodities and other investments, QkTip.com is the social media solution for market users who want to disclose information instantly.

QkTip.com allows market participants to disclose material information for free. Users of the website rate the importance and quality of the news.  By providing an open and publicly available media source QkTip.com lets anyone disclose market-moving information.  QkTip.com is news about markets, created by market users.

The Dodd Frank Act, the STOCK Act, the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MIFID) and the Market Abuse Directive all highlight the renewed focus on disclosure both in the U.S. and Europe.  

QkTip.com is a new media outlet where traders, investors and others with information about securities, commodities and other investments can disclose that information to the world.  With QkTip.com anyone with internet access can create news and disclose previously nonpublic information.

In a world where increased civil and criminal liability exists for those charged with manipulating markets, QkTip.com provides a fail-safe, public way to disclose information.  

Using QkTip.com is simple: a person logs on to QkTip.com, types the relevant information on the screen, identifies the type (securities, commodities or other investments), and presses the button marked “Disclose”.  Instantly there is a public record of the disclosure of the information. The QkTip posting is then circulated even more broadly through other social media like Twitter and Facebook.

For market users QkTip.com provides a ready source of market moving information that they can review and rate.  If a QkTip.com viewer thinks information is important the viewer can rank its merit.  The most highly rated news will also become highest ranked, increasing the visibility of the news.

QkTip.com is the way for market users to disclose and see important market-moving information first.

About QkTip.com
QkTip.com is a news outlet created by market makers.  QkTip.com provides an outlet for market users to disclose market information instantly and publicly.  Follow us on Twitter.
Contact:  media@qktip.com