LIMITED EDITION: QLIX ISSUE 02 - FANTASY is NOW on sale!!  You can purchase for $8.00 USD plus first class shipping and handling at www.qlixmag.com

What's inside ISSUE 02 - FANTASY: This time around Qlix wanted to find out people's perceptions of what they think 'fantasy' means to them.  We commissioned several visual artists (photographers and illustrators) to create artwork based on this inspiration.  They answered that call with providing several beautiful and intriguing fashion stories and illustrations.  Qlix ISSUE 02 also features exclusive interviews with Rag & Bone designers -- Marcus Wainwright and David Neville; POP Africana editor -- Oroma Elewa; Because magazine editor -- Caroline Issa; RENGILL designer -- Lauren Gill; a look into the 7 wonders of the fashion world to emerging tee labels you should know about, but probably don't, and more.

Qlix is an independent fashion publication that celebrates ALL emerging talents and concepts within fashion. Inspired by the unconventional formatted publications in various global markets, Qlix’s envelope format with multiple inserts and fold outs is what sets itself apart from the traditional fashion publication. Think “the cracker jack box” of fashion mags. Qlix not only provides a highly portable and collectible publication, but encourages reader interaction with the content, thus building a cohesive community between the reader and the publication.