About Us

Quality Parks, Inc. is a professional organization sponsoring projects to improve both business and environmental conditions by balancing social, economic and environmental concerns. We work to sustain recreational and economic needs while conserving and restoring the Earth's cultural and ecological biodiversity. We cooperate with and directly support park and protected area managers. We also disseminate information, develop and provide experiential learning opportunities, and support efforts designed to stimulate, encourage, educate, and involvethe general public in natural resource stewardship practices.

Quality Parks, Inc. is a federally registered 501(c)(3), since 2000, and a member of ANROSP, since 2012.


Quality Parks Inc. has more than 25 years of environmental service to Long Island Natural Areas,  such as the planting thousands of trees for wildfire rehab purposes with hundreds of volunteers between 1995 and 2002 in the Long Island Pine Barrens.

Quality Parks has also published, How Parsley Saved The Farm, in 2004, and Sunrise Fire, in 2008 (a young adult story about protecting life, property and the environment). These publication projects included dozens of volunteering editors and illustrators. Quality Parks also manages a blog, publishing stories about how to green the world.

In 2010, Quality Parks won two USDOI-BLM federal grants: 1) Remote Automatic Weather Station (RAWS) Standards Research and 2) Educational Materials Development, Project Alaska. In 2011, Quality Parks advocated for a forest fire lookout tower in the Long Island Pine Barrens, the formation of the Friends of Brookhaven State Park Alliance, and environmental justice for tick bite prevention.  

Today we are pursuing the Quality Parks Master Naturalist program, as a project to train more master naturalists.  The program is the Quality Parks Master Naturalist, directly benefiting Long Island's natural areas and citizenry.