The future of space travel has taken a monumental leap forward with the US Patent Publication for the Apparatus and Process for Conversion of Energy. This apparatus is identified as the groundbreaking Centrifugal Impulse Drive™, (CID)™ and is a revolutionary technology that promises to enable propulsion without the need for expelling traditional propellants.

The CID™ technology operates on an entirely new principle, harnessing the power of centrifugal force to generate propulsion. By leveraging cutting-edge materials and intricate engineering, the drive creates controlled directional thrust without the need for expelling mass and without violating the laws of thermodynamics.
This innovation is the brainchild of inventor Harry P. Sprain CEO/CTO, of Quantum Dynamics Enterprises, Inc. It not only promises to extend a satellite’s mission duration, but also opens up avenues for faster travel and enhanced maneuverability in space.