There is a reason; well actually several of them, why fractional ownership programs in aviation have been so successful.

With many years in both the aviation and yacht ownership industries, Quartershare has the expertise, the staff, the service and the market strength to put a new face on an exceptional yacht ownership experience at a very efficient expense.

There is no other program that combines the finest aspects of the fractional jet operations model as well as exquisite yacht management enabling all of the benefits of lifestyle that luxury yacht ownership presents, at about a quarter of the cost.

The matching fleet permits owners to schedule time via Internet reservations system that will allow them to see where the boats are and book their time on board accordingly.  Quartershare includes  a 24/7 concierge service that will handle just about  anything owners want, whether it’s booking a last-minute cruise,  a weekend getaway, selecting menu items that will be prepared by our gourmet chefs or getting tickets to a show. Our goal is to provide a hassle-free experience with none of the headaches normally encountered with boat ownership at significantly less expense.

In addition to offering Quartershare ownership of yacht with utilization of a fleet of identical large luxury 130' yachts,  the Quartershare product line includes Yacht Charter, Yacht Management and overall Yacht use solutions for individuals and companies looking to improve the efficiency of cost, time on board, and consistent reliability. This mix of products allows us to provide the simplicity, flexibility and value our customers look for in a yacht management provider.