Toronto, Canada –

Query the Game is an astonishing success story.  In under 30 hours, Query's Kickstarter campaign hit its fundraising goal – a result of targeted social media outreach.

Query, a game created by two sisters, Nikki Flowerday and Phoebe Stephens, puts a fresh, modern twist on a classic board game concept.  It’s a party game where players earn points for identifying the top Internet search predictions and for fooling others into choosing their well-crafted answers. It’s for ages 14 and up, and can be played with three or more players. A typical round lasts 45 minutes. Wikitimesnews speculated that Query will be a hit amongst gen-Yers as it brings the online world offline.

Nikki Flowerday: "We are thrilled by the online response to our game.  So much so, we are now unveiling stretch goals to help cater to demands from their backers.”

Backers have expressed interest in seeing expansion packs – either ones that are for an adult only audience or that are tailored to particular interest groups.

The sisters want the production of Query the Game to be as inclusive as possible so have invited backers to vote on categories they’d like to see in print. The stretch goals can be viewed on their Kickstarter page.

With still 37 days to go in their campaign, the sisters are curious about what lies ahead for Query.

Phoebe Stephens: "We hope that this initial crowdfunding success is a sign of a bright future for our board game in the marketplace."

Contact info

Phoebe Stephens, Game Creator, phoebe.stephens@gmail.com