About QuickLessons LLC  

QuickLessons LLC is a leading provider of rapid eLearning development solutions. Our state of the art platform provides an online collaborative environment for users to develop high quality Flash based courses leveraging our extensive library of templates and our out of the box development processes. With extensive background in advanced instructional design, QuickLessons was built by content developers for content developers!

Our mission is to provide to our clients outstanding products, services and support in order to help them significantly improve their content production efficiency while delivering content that is engaging and effective. Our vision is to unlock the power of knowledge by providing a powerful framework to create, manage and reuse content quickly and easily. Hence our name: QuickLessons.

QuickLessons has been successfully sold in Brazil since early 2008. Clients like Embratel (Telmex), SulAmerica ING, Sanofi-Aventis, Sky Direct TV and Liberty Mutual use QuickLessons for their content development needs. Starting in early 2009, QuickLessons LLC has been furthering this initial commercial success in international markets by creating and supporting a global community of local distributors and resellers. To meet the growing global demand for rapid e-Learning development solutions, QuickLessons LLC is rapidly expanding sales activities in Latin America, North America, South Africa, Europe and Asia.

QuickLessons LLC is a joint venture between QuickMind Knowledge Management and Nexus Global Partners (NGP).