Quickscrews International Corporation is one of the last remaining full line suppliers of Cabinet and Furniture screws. Established over 25 years ago, the company is best known for its innovation and creativity in bringing solutions to Woodworkers. Over the past two decades, Quickscrews CEO and Founder Greg Wiener has introduced five new screw designs that have vastly improved the industry at large. Primarily focused on carrying the broadest line of fasteners possible, Quickscrews has grown to carrying over 950 different woodworking and furniture screws to choose from. The largest and most complete line in the industry allows customers to choose specifically what is right for their application.

Throughout the years, technology and new equipment has changed the way our customers do business. With these changes have come new problems. We have constantly introduced innovative, problem solving products to keep up with these changes. Now, with our Online Store and the use of state of the art technology, we are able to provide our customers with the most current information regarding product and pricing. Distributor sales personnel around the country continually visit small, medium and large furniture and cabinet shops. This keeps us up to date on the newest manufacturing techniques, materials and problems.

Our line of Quickscrews are case hardened and heat-treated, and greatly outperform both drywall and tapping screws in almost every wood manufacturing-related application. Recently we introduced our newest line of Quickscrews: Spiral Point Funnel Heads. For all intents and purposes, these are the first Multipurpose screws to be introduced that work in all materials from Softwoods, like ponderosa pine, to Epah lumber; which is one of the hardest, densest woods in use today. Funnel Heads will work in these woods without the need to PreDrill a pilot hole, which is a huge timesaver. The screw also works in melamine and particle board without chipping, splitting or cracking; again, without the need for PREDRILLING.

Lastly, for the past two years we have been creating and selling products for the Solar Industry. We stock a wide range of Stainless Steel Brackets for rooftop installation and have a patent pending product we designed specifically using our knowledge of wood fastening. It is exciting times at Quickscrews as we continue to provide top quality products, service and especially innovation.