Quintessence: Inner Alchemy for Women

Coaching, Co-Learning, Synergy

Quintessence: the hidden star, the life force, the spirit, where all things become conscious of their true uniqueness

Alchemy is the archetype of change, by popular definition it is the process of changing base metals into gold. In alchemical literature, the quintessence is what the stars are created from. It is written that a hidden star exists within every living entity and in order to live consciously we must understand the quintessence.  You may ask how does this ancient form of knowledge have relevance to modern consciousness.  Experience shows that in the process of living we forget that within us shines a unique radiant star waiting to be illuminated. The quintessence speaks to us of wholeness and when we accept that wholeness is imprinted on our being from the moment of birth, our entire psychology is radically transformed. This first recognition is the portal to using alchemical wisdom to make gold.

The Essence of Open Space

Organisations are living entities and are at their most profound level networks of conversations and relationships. Just as consciousness evolves in individuals, so too does it evolve in organisations.  Open Space Technology (OST) is a powerful way in which organisations can be inspired to creative action through times of evolution and confusion by the diversity of vision amongst its employees who come to the space.  Open Space Technology is a meeting methodology that enables self–organising groups of all sizes to deal with hugely complex issues in a short period of time.  For Open Space Technology to work it must focus on a real business issue that is of passionate concern to those involved. Open Space Technology thrives in areas where there is conflict and confusion and the response time is yesterday.

Quintessential Coaching for Women

Quintessential coaching for women around the world is inspired by the wisdom of the undomesticated feminine principles relating to the interconnectedness of all things, our bond with nature, the sacred, our body, intuition, feeling, and soul. Quintessential coaching is unrelated to therapy in that it does not focus directly on relieving psychological pain or treating cognitive or emotional disorders. Instead seeks to reunite you with your wild woman, your intuitive abilities, your imagination, your body, the earth and the wisdom of your soul through the simple remembering of the natural cycle of all life.

What is Quintessential coaching?

Quintessential coaching is a purposeful conversation that moves you from the present toward the future, in order to create and sustain the life you desire.   You are inspired to recapture your hidden star confirming your intrinsic wholeness, natural creativity and resourcefulness in finding your own answers to the remarkable art of living consciously.  


Quintessential coaching sessions are conducted over the phone and are generally for an hour once a week.  I offer a FREE 30 minute initial consult to discuss options and determine level of rapport for an optimal coaching relationship. I invite you to email or call for your free introductory session.