Anguilla Air Charter Brokerage Ltd (herein referred to as AAC (Brokerage) Ltd is bringing the Professional network to The Valley, Anguilla in the British West Indies, conveniently situated between Puerto Rico and the northern South American regions it is the first registered Air Charter Brokerage Company  in Anguilla specializing in Worldwide Private Jet Charter.

AAC (Brokerage) Ltd only affiliates with Direct Air Carriers who provide the safest most cost effective transportation service available, who operate above and beyond Federal Aviation Administration Guidelines and who maintains a flawless safety record and who's pilots are flight safety trained and tested every six months on top of internal recurrent training.  Safety is our top priority.

Our company objective is to provide a Private Jet Service to travellers arriving into the Caribbean

With only hours notice we have exclusive access to over 5500 corporate & privately owned aircraft from light jets to wide bodied private jets positioned worldwide.

We endeavor to control the customer's travel experience as well as:

Eschew the security delays and scheduling issues of commerical jet travel

Embrace private jet travel flexibility

Fly to destinations that are under-served by commerical airlines

Strong and experience board

Multiple years of exemplary records for safety

A great reputation for the highest levels of customer service

We are bringing a great business with an exemplary record for service to the specialty aviation travel market

Take advantage of our best possible position to offer unparalleled luxury, quality, service and value while maintaining charter rates on advantageous terms

In this region we are affiliated with Rainbow International Airlines Inc., www.rainbowinternationalairlines.com who match the above criteria having over three decades flying experience.

Flying on one of the Caribbean's safest airplane the Citation II has a seven passenger executive configuration consisting of seven club chairs (four facing forward two facing aft) one single chair in the rear of the aircraft, as well as a fully enclosed lavatory located in the rear of the aircraft.  The interior is finished in cream leather complemented by a cherry high gloss veneer cabinertry with amenities such as dvd entertainment & more.
This aircraft like all Rainbow International Airlines' aircraft, is a great option for your one-ways, round trips or multi -legs throughout the Caribbean and parts of the USA.

Anguilla Air Charter Brokerage Ltd
Registered#1020681 Licence#910386515
All flights are operated by Part 135 Carriers. Operators providing service for Anguilla Air Charter Brokerage Ltd., clients must meet standards set forth by the FAA for safety, security and service. Anguilla Air Charter Brokerage Ltd does not own, manage or operate aircraft. As an air charter broker, Anguilla Air Charter Brokerage Ltd acts as an agent for our clients seeking charter air transportation and assists them in finding the best operators for private jets.