Quttera provides Website Security Solutions for Small&Medium Businesses, Small&Medium Enterprises and Organizations.

Quttera offers SaaS based malware scanning solution to identify unknown and 'zero-day' threats on websites. It delivers malware removal, monitoring and real-time warning for businesses and organizations operating on the internet.

Corporate-strength protection against constantly changing landscape of web malware, including viruses, trojans, spyware, phishing and hacking attacks. Our automated and semi-automated systems access and scan thousands of websites daily, gathering security intelligence and inspecting compromised and blacklisted websites. Our R&D is focused on developing and building a cutting age, non-signature based and heuristic approach to identify malicious web content. The multi-layered scanning platform includes proprietary, patented, technology that is able to leverage Artificial Intelligence in order to detect anomalies, unknown and previously unseen malware.

Quttera has become widely recognized as one of the global leaders in protecting website owners and all who are vulnerable to malicious hacker attacks.