R2 investments is a technology-driven platform that provides qualified individuals and institutions access to fully underwritten commercial real estate opportunities. We combine  in house proprietary technology with 3rd party APIs to bring cutting edge solutions to our clients. Our decades of institutional experience with cutting edge technology in order to empower our investors through direct access and greater transparency.

Our team collectively brings over $20bn of transaction experience from leading institutions. Our extensive network and reputation as a capital advisor/partner drives a steady flow of differentiated opportunities. We then employ a rigorous approach to underwriting and ultimately investing in opportunities we find attractive. We partner with top quality operators who have the operational and local market expertise relevant to each transaction.

Our software and product teams hail from leading technology firms. Our focus on technology and data drives differentiated sourcing, more efficient underwriting, and a seamless client experience.

We invest with a co-gp mindset alongside our clients and assume ongoing oversight and asset management responsibilities on behalf of our investors.