Who is R6S?

R6S is the digital marketing agency you need to talk to. When you’re comparing agencies, give us a spot in your consideration set. We’ll compose a plan with innovative, effective marketing strategies that are guaranteed to impress.

R6S is an elite team of creative developers, artists, writers, and strategists who blend a proprietary mix of technology, digital consumer behavior analysis, and data-parsing to create artificial intelligence through marketing. We’re piloting a Digital Uprising, and we have your first-class ticket.

What makes the R6S approach to internet marketing different?

We challenge traditional marketing and advertising models. Simply stated, we break you away from ordinary. Why should brands spend thousands or even millions of dollars on internet marketing and media advertising that only yields a one to three-percent conversion rate? The R6S method of digital consumer behavior analysis and intelligent internet marketing produces unmatched results and a higher return on your coveted ad dollars.

Using a wickedly-creative blend of sophisticated technology and advanced methods of human behavior analysis, we anticipate what engages your consumer. Serving them the content they crave, in the right place, at the right time, to make them want to absorb your brand. Frankly, we make them happy. And the happier your customers are, the more business they’ll do with you.

The R6S Internet Marketing Process

By parsing big data and taking a P2P approach—person to person—R6S keenly develops a relationship with your customers. Every human being is unique, and through our internet marketing methods, which are driven by the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, we’re able to understand their needs. Rather than a broad approach, ours uses laser-targeted digital consumer behavior analysis, to target the individual, not the masses.
This means we solve their problems and achieve their dreams. With our extensive and in-depth digital consumer behavior analysis and predictive internet marketing, we anticipate consumer wants and deliver the solutions they need.

This is the Henry Ford approach. We don’t bother asking people what they want since the answer is going to be, “faster horses”. Instead, we envisage their needs and give them what they don’t know they want.

Ready for us to develop your exclusive R6S Coterie?

R6S doesn’t use the tired “service-package” approach like many branding and marketing companies today. Instead we will develop an organic relationship based upon your priorities and personality, as well as your individual results and goals. Why conduct your internet marketing like everyone else and get lost in a sea of ordinary? This exclusive partnership is the R6S Coterie.