RAMA Group is a diversified group of companies involved in healthcare, education, business consulting, import and export trade, mobile application platform development, film and television entertainment. RAMA Group has, and is continuing to develop, partnerships in India, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia with the goal of uniting Asia under a singular entertainment umbrella.  Mr Sudheer and his RAMA Group team are working on many related business dealings throughout Asia. To help foster these relationships, RAMA Group has marketing teams in many countries in Asia.

RAMA Group subsidiary RAMA Reels has been in the film industry for 13 years. RAMA Reels has completed more than 50 films which have been translated into more than 8 languages.

According to RAMA Group Chairman John Sudheer, RAMA Group Stock market listings on both the BSE and NSE are set to be completed by year end 2017.  RAMA is currently in the process of acquiring a listing on the BSE via a takeover of a public traded entity. A dual listing on the HSE will be actively sought out once this acquisition is completed.