Since 2001, the Knowledge-First Empowerment Center has been providing educational services in the Greater Houston and Fort Bend area.  We provide academic programming in the subjects of math, reading, writing and social studies.  In augmenting the educational performances of our learners, we provide opportunities to engage and contribute in higher level thinking activities.  Moreover, believing that education should be designed to maximize the potential that each of us has to offer, we fashion our academic and enrichment activities to inspire critical and diverse thinking.  As a Texas Education Agency approved Supplemental Education Service (SES) provider of afterschool literacy services, we provide free afterschool services for campuses that qualify.

As a non-profit 501 (c)(3), the Knowledge-First Empowerment Center is devoted to the belief that education should not only address the intellectual capacities, but that education also constitutes a matter of developing personal character, virtues and the attainment of proficiencies that lead to life long resiliency.  We further believe that in order to achieve and maximize the potential that each of us has to offer; we must be provided opportunities and interact with conditions that will facilitate such goals.  At Knowledge-First, we maintain a non-threatening learning zone where each learner is not only encouraged to participate, but each learns to discover ways to create their own distinct and meaningful contribution.  Through our empowermental approach, Knowledge-First inspires learners to value the educational environment, themselves and the contributions of others.  We believe, as did Plato, that the purpose and ultimate value of education is not to stick thoughts into the pupils’ head, but to inspire them to think for themselves.
James H. Allen