RBC Management offers medical billing, coding and claims services by using cutting edge technology and software. We provide these services to health care professionals and serve as a liaison between providers, patients, insurance companies, and clearinghouses. RBC Management has many years of experience in the field and is familiar with the more common medical billing software and companies such as Medisoft, Kareo, Office Ally, and MD Connection.

Some of the tasks for Billing and Coding Specialists include:

•     Data entry of patient information
•     Insurance verification
•     Payment postings
•     Procedural and Diagnostic Coding
•     Claims submission
•     Denials management

Billing and coding is the practice of submitting claims to insurance companies or clearinghouses in order to receive payments for the services that the providers have provided. It is a challenging business to be a part of and it requires much attention to detail along with the timely processing of claims. Errors in this field can result in a great loss of income for both the provider and billing company.

Healthcare providers can turn over their billing, coding, and/or full practice management needs to RBC Management and be confident that their outsourced needs will be met. The RBC Management service providers have a tremendous amount of expertise in billing and coding for various specialties within the entire healthcare industry.

Outsourced service providers offers a variety of medical billing services such as:

•     Patient demographics entry
•     Charge entry including details such as date of service, physician, place of service, type of service, CPT codes, ICD9 &10 codes, modifiers, authorization, and co-pay details.
•     Payment/Charge entry
•     Accounts receivables and claims follow up procedures

You can take pride in the benefits of collaborating with RBC Management with the following:

•     Electronic and paper claims filing
•     Appeals and denials
•     Claims and collections management
•     Accessibility
•     Competitive pricing
•     Cost saving