Why Choose RCM?
Having spent over 15 years working in a mix of agency, marketing and service environments, we noticed a number of key aspects that seemed to play a part in the day to day integration between company and client relationships that we didn’t like, so we thought it was time for a change, a radical change!

RCM (or Radical Change Media) is serious about building its reputation and brand on five key elements. Trust, Truth, Ethics, Results & Quality of work.

We don’t want to be an agency or service provider that just does the work and then disappears. We want to build a strong working relationship with you, one that lasts because you trust us in all areas of our working relationship. And even if we only work together for a short time, you will always feel comfortable using us in the future, because you trust us implicitly, due to the fact that we would have fully implemented the other elements in our working relationship with you.

We have seen too often business owners being told things that are not really true. Things like delivery time, work involved, the ability to do the job, perceptions and realities being distorted and so on. At RCM, we are not scared to say no, to tell you the reality of the work involved in a job that may result in you not working with us. In fact, we would rather turn work down than lose it because you got upset later down the line.

There are a number of ways that website rankings can be manipulated within the search engines, through using certain techniques. Thankfully Google is getting smart to these strategies, but unfortunately, there are still a large number of SEO agencies that continue to use them because they are cheap and easy. At RCM, our reputation is paramount to us and so everything we do in SEO is not only ethical but it meets with the present guidelines and ethics of Google policies. We could rank your website fast and get you loads of traffic, but it wouldn’t take long for Google to see what was being done and penalise your website. We would rather do it right for you the first time, sure it takes a time to get the results you want in the natural SEO rankings, but the end result is they last and you are happy.

We do not cut corners in our work and we aim to deliver over and above what is expected.

SEO is a results based activity. There are a lot of SEO companies who seem to have forgotten that. They charge by the job, or they simply build a load of links to your site and to them, that is adequate. That is not how we operate. We focus on the result you want to achieve. We start every job with understanding the actual result you want, we tell you how long we feel it will take us, and if we don’t achieve the agreed result in the agreed time, we carry on, without additional payment, until we do get you that result.

Quality of Work
This links back to the previous elements. We don’t rush a job, we don’t cut corners, we take pride in our work because nothing is worse than having an unsatisfied customer. Unsatisfied customers tell people they know how unsatisfied they are and that doesn’t help us. But we are not after satisfied customers, we are looking to build on a base of delighted customers, customers so happy with what we have done, they tell others to stop using their current agency and start using us.