RCS offers a cloud-based refund recovery solution that credits your UPS® and FedEx® accounts for late shipments and incorrect billing. Check out www.rcsaudit.com

The RCS approach is focused on offering package cost containment services to virtually any sized company, regardless of number of employees, packages sent, or diversity of facilities. RCS operates as a risk-free extension of your staff saving you money each and every week. Click below and join the thousands of accounts that have discovered why RCS is on an entirely different level when it comes to turnkey cost reduction.

Every client benefits from industry leading technology that offers continued transparency into your carrier accounts and dynamic weekly reporting. RCS best-in-class proprietary technology delivers the same solution for our clients shipping a few packages per week as well as those clients shipping thousands of packages per day. Our cloud-based SaaS model delivers real, confirmable savings. Our solution includes weekly auditing of your shipping activity allowing you to not only save money each month, but further benefit from industry-leading reporting of key metrics and analytics.

All RCS Solutions are performance-based, no-risk offers.