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Who Is Cody McKrell?

Dubbed by Rolling-Stone and MTV Online to be one of the best, worst and, somehow, most influential people of all time*, Cody McKrell serves as a multimedia smart-ass and super-heroic counterpoint to everyday suckness and stupidity.

Always willing to cross a line for the fun and hell of it, and already having garnered a laugh out loud following of millions eight, despite regular bans from social media juggernauts, McKrell's cheeky "middle-finger the world" mentality places no person, race, union, stereotype, argument, community or sect of political correctness above reproach and, likewise, has been simultaneously viewed as both a breath of fresh air, and a threat to life as we know it. His whereabouts currently unknown, McKrell was last quoted in COSMOPOLITAN** when asked for his message to the masses...

He responded with an intrepid suggestion that's since become his company's mantra: He replied, simply, "LET'S BE BAD TOGETHER."

*may not be historically accurate **could have been Good Housekeeping