About Us
RDD Field Services is a first choice supplier of quality professional data services to the market research industry. From CATI and web programming, telephone data collection to response coding, tables and banners, our team of research professionals works together to provide our customers with clean, actionable answers to complex research questions.

Our Clients
We work with a wide variety of research firms for end clients large and small, gathering opinions from consumers, business decision makers, voters, customers or employees on an endless variety of topics.

Our People
We log over 180,000 hours annually asking questions and gathering information using a best practices model of continuous improvement. Our experience helps prepare us to anticipate and communicate challenges early in the process, allowing us to meet our clients’ project requirements accurately, on deadline and within budget.

Our Value Proposition
We utilize our data collection expertise to help answer your research questions with experience, accuracy, efficiency and vision on every project, large or small.

RDD Field Services
A Division of Quant Partners, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
8959 SW Barbur Blvd. Suite 103
Portland, OR 97219
President: Michael Oilar
Employees: 200
RDD Field Services operates a 100 seat CATI-equipped data collection facility with English and Spanish-speaking capabilities in Las Cruces, New Mexico, utilizing Voxco Interviewer® software solutions.