Red Elephant - RDElephant.com is the new social media platform that does not censor or shadow ban its users because of their political opinions. Red Elephant was founded by veterans and are partners with the Wounded Warriors Project.
  Red Elephant was started on September 10, 2018 in Brigham City, Utah. RDElephant was created by veterans and patriots that were fed up with social media users being censored and shadow banned for simply voicing their opinions or expressing for expressing their patriotism and political beliefs. America is the land of freedom of speech and Red Elephant believes that every American has the right to voice their opinions without visibility being stunted, and trolls getting away with what amounts to nothing less than online bullying.
  Unlike other social media sites there are two paid options, along with a 30 day free membership to become a member of Red Elephant. The Gold membership is one time $4.99 and gives access to all areas and pages have ads on them. The Platinum membership is $2.99 monthly with access to al areas and pages have no ads on them. As part of our partnership with the Wounded Warriors Project, part of each membership goes directly to the Wounded Warriors Project.
  To help thwart trolls and bots, along with the effects they have on social media communities, we employ a verification process and security parameters that are unique to Red Elephant. We at Red Elephant understand the frustrations social media users have when faced with censorship and other attacks on our freedom of speech.
At RDElephant.com users can enjoy communicating with other members who have had enough of the echo chamber that has become social media. Users can feel good knowing that every post and video they create will be sen by everyone on their friends list. The way it should be in America.