REAL is not only specialized in various metal- and plastic production processes, but constantly striking for providing customization services related with security and hardware industries.

We design and produce different items according to customer’s individual requirements. We offer customers of different areas ODM and OEM services. We are well experienced in customizing special lock products for Furniture Industries, Machine and Electronic Devices Industries, Transportation Security Industries and so on.

Our creative team of designers and engineers constantly produce the most innovative locks in the world.

Professional Capacity:
REAL aims at “Continuous Innovation” as brand goal. REAL R&D team has accumulated decades of experiences, especially in the field of customization as ODM. REAL offers the most profitable and suitable solutions with samples, photos or even concepts. Based on REAL core technology, REAL has succeeded in offering all kinds of locks with different mechanism, including elaborate security system.

Master Key System

Real makes 4 generations of Master Key System, and the Grand Master Key which can open 20,000 pcs different locks.

1. System Testing:
The accuracy of electronic function and the effect in electronic system when change in environmental conditions happens are ensured and controlled by testing the stability of electronic operation.
2. Electronic & Mechanical Combination:
Thousands of tests are conducted to make sure the accuracy and stability of electronic and mechanical combination, which guarantees their normal functioning.
3. Security Testing:
The level that machines can bear when being destroyed is tested and estimated through the authentic simulation.
4. Anti-drilling Cylinder:
There are specific components and design in our cylinder to avoid drilling and destroying.
5. Most of materials used in our products are stainless steel, whose strength and toughness are better than copper ones. Stainless steel products are endurable against heat, cool or corrosion.
6. There is REAL’s unique automatically fixed-locating mechanism in the cylinder, which allows user to lock more correctly and conveniently.
7. Electronic-recording Seal Mechanism:
Such locks as RL-9152 can be applied when strong security is demanded, because any tamper attempt will be recorded by the electronic tamper-proof seal, shown as time in Days/Hours/Minutes. With this mechanism, seal numbers will be displayed permanently on LED screen so there is clear and obvious sign of any tamper attempt for administrators to trace.

In the predictable future, we will devote REAL to develop the integrated techniques of mechanical arts with electronic technology. Our focus on the development of techniques will be oriented to:
1. The Security of Technology.
That is, REAL will keep developing brand new concepts and products by integrating electronic technology with traditional and industrial techniques.
2. Precise and Art-State Techniques to Manufacture Hardware.
It means we will keep following and controlling the more precise and more dedicate technology of manufacturing by integrating techniques with the upside in the industry chain.